Protecting your Privacy in your Real Estate Transaction.

We live in a world that seems to demand more and more of our personal information. Everything is password protected, yet those passwords do not seem to hold up as well as they used to. I understand that most real estate transactions begin online, but I am drawing the line at the ever-growing practice of pressuring individuals who just want to buy or sell their home into releasing their private email addresses and phone numbers just to view a real estate website.  They are called squeeze sites and somehow they are considered the norm. I have used them myself in my business because I was told that it is the best way to obtain that “all important email address” and rope in that customer. “Rope in” is a perfect analogy, because well-meaning or not, some Realtors have turned customers and their contact information into cattle to be branded and sold.

I personally never sign up on a property search site that demands my personal information for access, although I have signed up with fake names. I can see from the results of the sites I have used in my business in the past that most people do the same thing. The third-party online company that operates the invasive squeeze site service which is collecting your personal information that any Realtor who pays for it will receive has no concern for your real estate transaction and will most likely resell your information to advertisers because you gave them that ability when signing up on the site.

Well, I am returning to the business model that is now and always has been simple, safe and is actually the way customers should be treated. You can use the most accurate, first-hand information property search right here at this link which is our local Board of Realtors website:


When you find the properties you like just send me a message or give me a call and I will personally review the properties with you. I can create an automated search that will find properties you are interested in and automatically email them to you. This is again based only on our official MLS and not third or fourth parties that want your personal information. This is where,, and all other similar sites draw their data from, except in a delayed and reformatted manner that adds their advertising and tracking software to, again make you a number. The way I see it, I will offer you the respect and dignity you deserve and I ask that you respect and value my expertise and professionalism by contacting me. I hope you will allow me to be of service.

Your personal information will remain private, your home search and property preferences are private. Your information will not be sold or distributed to advertisers, office agents or money lenders.

Call me old-fashioned, but isn’t this what people want when making typically the largest investment in their lives? Any transaction really?